Coming in 2019!

New RELIABLE replacement air conditioning for your Beechcraft King Air 200/300/350 !                 Don't go through another HOT summer without state of the art air conditioning for your King Air!

Made in the USA, this brand new system outperforms the factory system with superior cooling performance, greater reliability and better warranty and factory support. Ground cooling is available with just a common extension cord!

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Making sure you get the performance you deserve.

We look forward to providing you with the finest most reliable air conditioning system available.

The system is manufactured in the USA and is a highly refined and improved freon AC system that is self-contained (not engine driven) and provides greatly improved cooling capacity. This superior system will be sold through a dealer network which provides installation, servicing and warranty administration. Your own maintenance facility can most likely be certified for installations through our factory training course. The system is simple and reliable and uses the existing panel controls. Parts supply is readily available and will be for decades to come.

Genesis Aircraft Support ​LLC